Rune is a multimedia web3 brand located in Alberta, Canada. With a focus on narrative and world building, we create unique digital and in-person experiences. Entirely self funded and built by a team of artists we strive to deliver web3 experiences that are accessible, engaging and above all a fun time for the community involved.


At the heart of our mission lies the belief in the power of the digital age to give individuals control over their online presence and personal data. This is why we prioritize Digital Ownership, Online Self-Sovereignty, and Freedom of Expression in everything we do.

Digital Ownership means having control over your digital assets, be it your personal data, digital art, or any other form of digital content. We believe that individuals should have the right to manage and monetize their digital assets as they see fit, without interference from third-party entities.

Online Self-Sovereignty gives individuals the power to make decisions about their online identity, personal data, and digital footprint. They shouldn't have to sacrifice their privacy to participate in the online world.

Freedom of Expression is a fundamental right that should be protected both online and offline. The internet should be a space where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves freely and openly, without fear of censorship or retribution.

Our focus on these values drives our work towards building a future where individuals have the power to own, control, and protect their digital assets, assert their online self-sovereignty, and express themselves freely and openly.


Kyle Barber - kyb.eth


An independent filmmaker and photographer from Alberta, Canada who discovered blockchain and web3 in 2017. With a passion for technology and art, Kyle has been exploring the potential of decentralized systems for film, photography and more. Using the latest innovations in web3 and blockchain, they aim to bring a new level of transparency, collaboration, and engagement to their work.

Lets make some make some VIRTUAL magic

The metaverse can be a scary place! However, don't fret we're here to help you out.