Rune is a unique project that allows users to participate in an a story based in Norse mythology. By mining materials and crafting, users can help shape the story while also earning special collectibles. The story is constantly evolving, and new challenges and objectives will be added over time.


Every day, go out and look for materials. Gather as many as you can, then trade or sell them as you see fit. What you do with the materials is up to you, so use them wisely! New recipes for the materials could be dropped at any time...

In addition to selling and trading the raw materials you find, you can also use them to craft more valuable items. This process is known as forging. Forging is a skill that takes time and practice to master, but it can be a great way to make more items from the materials you find.

Rune is an ever-changing and evolving story, and we encourage the community to be a part of shaping the narrative, lore and world. We want to create a living, breathing world that players can enjoy and influence, and that can only happen with the help of the community. So come join us on this adventure and help shape the world of Rune.


Kyle Barber - kyb.eth


An independent filmmaker and photographer from Alberta, Canada who discovered blockchain and web3 in 2017. With a passion for technology and art, Kyle has been exploring the potential of decentralized systems for film, photography and more. Using the latest innovations in web3 and blockchain, they aim to bring a new level of transparency, collaboration, and engagement to their work.

Francisco Morales



Artist/Concept Art

Toby Osborne

Creative Writer


Musical Composer